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Mother's Corn Healthy Pots for Baby Foods

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Mother's Corn

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Size: 160mm (Ø) x 85mm (H) – [Total Length with handle 338mm]
Material: Made with Alten bach (from Genmany since 1906)

Origin: Made in Korea

- 5 layers of body
- 16cm with max 1000ml
- Edge roll method covers the finishing part of the aluminum preventing corrosion and toxic substances coming out of the pot.
- Brazing at the bottom part, the heat is transferred evenly throughout the pot increasing the heat conducitivity and preservative rate.
- The handle is safe (not hot) to hold while cooking.
- When you reheat baby food, you may put it in healthy pot to prevent the food dry or loosing nutrition by adding water.

** Attention:This product must use with our Baby Food Pots. Avoid direct contact with flame. **