Private Coding Lesson - 10 Class Pack

Private Coding Lesson - 10 Class Pack

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Coding has become a critical skill for our next generation and is now a core element of most STEM programs in school.  In this one-on-one setting, each student will receive personalized attention and instructions when creating his/her code and can focus on the type of programs he/she loves to work on.

For beginners, we will start off with introducing them to basic coding concepts using Scratch as the learning tool.  As the students advance, we will introduce programming languages such as JavaScript and Python.  Students will write code to create their own online 2D games, and develop a website by writing code in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.  They will also learn about how the software development industry works, and will gain skills and experience in working with professional software development tools.

For advance students, we are taking them on a professional training course to prepare them for various highly demanded industry certifications.

We focus on personalized learning and strongly believe that each student learns differently and should have the freedom to focus on the areas he/she loves.  Our lead instructor is a highly qualified and experienced computer engineer with a Master degree in Computer Engineering and 20+ years of experience in the software engineering industry.  Most importantly, he has a very strong passion to inspire young minds and educate the next generation!

This class pack includes 10 private coding lessons.  Please contact us at for more information.